Customer References

Customer References Able Cat Sitter

Lily and Neeko 3 Years

Able Pet Services has been my pet care professional for my Siamese cats nearly 4 years and I absolutely recommend them to all! They send daily updates, make the cutest holiday photos that I have ever seen, and give my cats lots of TLC. I think the best part is that my cats love them, and I have photos to prove it. I always return to happy, healthy cats. If you are looking for a reliable, caring pet sitter, I highly recommend Able Pet Services. M.G. Hershey, PA


Tig and Chibs 5 Years

Able Pets look after my cats whenever I have to be out of town for a few days. They always leave a note at each visit to let me know how the cats were doing, if they were eating their food and using their litter boxes, if they enjoyed playing with their toys, etc. Cindy and Andy also leave pictures of my cats playing. My one cat Tig is skittish around people he doesn’t see often, and usually hides the entire time someone is in the house, but I can tell from the note and the pictures that he is sure happy to see Cindy and Andy!


Makena 5 Years

I was very nervous to leave Makena the first year that we went on vacation. We received a recommendation for Cindy and felt comfortable with her from the moment we met her. From that time on, we have used Able pet services each time we need a cat sitter. Cindy and Andy are not only reliable, but are caring and wonderful people that always go above and beyond to make sure that Makena is healthy and happy while we are away. I feel very fortunate to have found Able pet services and I am sure Makena is thankful too. AC and MC, Middletown, PA


Luv Bug 4 Years

Look no further! Able Pet Services provided the very best care to our beloved tabby cats for four years paws down. Cindy and Andy are exceedingly diligent, trustworthy, attentive, and knowledgeable, and their compassion and devotion toward each individual client is unique and beyond compare
JOL Past resident of Harrisburg


Maia, Dusty, and Oliver 6 Years

Able Pet Services have been like family. They not only take care of my cats’ needs, but clean up after them when they are bad, and spend time playing with them and loving them. They provided very compassionate care to my 19 year old cat when she was in her final days. I always look forward to the pictures and daily notes when I get home after a trip. I recommend them highly and without reservation.” KA, Hummelstown, PA


Carly and Sam 3 Years

I have been using Able Pet Services for almost two years. They are always available when I need them, and they provide exceptional services. Cindy has developed a great relationship with my two cats. In fact, she’s the only person, besides me, that they don’t hide from! AH, Harrisburg, PA


Lucy, Zoey, and Skitter 4 Years

I have utilized Able Pet Services for the past five years. I would not trust anyone else to provide the care to my animals. I have tried well-meaning family members, friends, and neighbors. The difference is that Able Pet Services actually does care; they go the extra mile to provide your pets with stimulating activities. Able Pets sends daily text messages or email with attached photos. They will even often leave hard-copy photos and custom seasonal cards. Bottom line: Able Pet Services is very affordable, and gives you peace of mind. Cindy and Andy are the real deal. They are consistently pleasant, responsive, and demonstrate their commitment to their work. MSH, Harrisburg, PA


Bella 5 Years

Thanks to Able Pet Services my husband and I go on vacation knowing my cat Bella is well cared for. Bella usually runs and hides when someone new comes into our house but when Cindy came by, Bella went right up to her and let Cindy pet her. Bella felt safe around Cindy and liked her. That means a lot to me. Whether for a few days or a longer term, Cindy is reliable, pleasant and lovingly cares for and plays with Bella. Cindy does many little extras in caring for Bella, one thing I like is that Cindy will text me an update and picture of Bella so I can see she is doing well. I’m so glad Able Pet Services is available for me to use and I recommend them to anyone. J.A.G, New Cumberland, PA


Macie 6 Years

Cindy is professional and takes great care of our cat Macie. She goes above and beyond and is ultra-reliable. We highly recommend Able Pets! JY & LK, Hummelstown, PA


Gracie 5 Years

Able Pet Sitters are wonderful. First of all, they are kind and generous people. Under their care, our cat is safe and happy. In fact, she is pampered! Knowing that Cindy and Andy are there – allows us to relax and enjoy our trips! We will always call Able Pet Sitters! BB and BB, Harrisburg, PA


Moe, Ella, and Dale 4 Years

Able Pets is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected. It is evident that Able Pet Services truly cares We have used Able Pet Services many times and each time we have been more than pleased. After each visit we receive a complete update on how our cats are doing. Food is always filled, litter is always scooped and APS about what they do. They treat our babies as if they were their own and they make being away from home much less stressful! I highly recommend Able Pet Services. ALR, Harrisburg, PA